For the magic moments between load in and load out

Whether you’re heading out on tour or playing the local dive, make sure your fans never miss another show.

Take fans from headphones to half stacks

We’re seamlessly integrating concert discovery and ticket listings into the Spotify experience, lifting fandom to new heights. With event information provided by major ticketing partners around the world, we have everything we need to share the right concerts with the right fans, right alongside your music.

Help fans discover the shows they’ll love

We already help fans around the world find your music. So as you get ready to hit the road, let us help reach the right fans to fill each room.

In-app listings

Once we receive your event info from one of our partners, fans can see your concert listings when they open the app, listen to your songs, or explore your catalog.

Personalized recommendations

Every event that's listed on Spotify could be shared with fans as a personalized concert recommendation - a little extra boost can go a long way.

Artist tour details

Fans can get full details on your tour schedule by visiting your artist profile. They can find links to tickets on event pages, or see all upcoming shows on the tour page.

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List events with no extra effort

We’ve partnered with concert & festival ticketing companies around the world to automatically list your shows on Spotify. We list hundreds of thousands of events powered by:

  • Ticketmaster, AXS, Eventim, Ticketek, See Tickets, and many others
  • Bandsintown concert aggregation
  • Take control of your concert listings with Bandsintown

    Add missing events or edit how tour information appears on Spotify using Bandsintown’s toolkit.

    Case study

    How Faye Webster sold 2,600 tickets, effortlessly

    Once Faye Webster's tour dates were listed on Spotify via our ticketing partners, our live event recommendation system kicked in, driving discovery that resulted in an additional 2,600 tickets purchased by real fans.

    Faye has bolstered her visibility amongst her core listeners immensely through the Fans First tour presale campaigns - but Spotify has taken it a step further. By simply having her events listed on Spotify, we've managed to sell over 2,600 additional tickets through the platform alone and target her 1.1 million followers! Spotify has helped us bridge the gap between streaming and actual ticket conversions throughout her tour marketing campaigns.

    Coco Fernandez

    Director of Marketing for Faye Webster at TBA Agency

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    We know fandom. Period.


    About one in three Spotify listeners attends at least one concert each year.


    At any given moment, we can match over 350M fans with upcoming concert recommendations based on their listening habits.


    Ticket sales from Spotify have more than tripled year over year, and we’re just getting started.

    How Fans First helped Knocked Loose build fan loyaltyHow Fans First helped Knocked Loose build fan loyalty

    Booking agents at Sound Talent Group (STG) worked with Spotify to target true Knocked Loose fans with a special presale offering for their 2023 tour.

    Knocked Loose's Spotify Fans First campaign successfully engaged their fanbase by offering exclusive early access to tickets for their upcoming shows. By leveraging Spotify's platform, they reached a wider audience and created anticipation for their live performances. This approach not only boosted ticket sales but also fostered stronger connections with their loyal followers, enhancing brand loyalty and increasing overall visibility in the music industry.

    Sound Talent Group (STG)Sound Talent Group (STG)

    Agency for Knocked Loose

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