Your Wrapped Soundcheck

A complete checklist of actions you can take to prepare for the biggest fan moment of the year. Check back here for new recommendations toward the end of 2023!

Amp up your connection with fans

Spotify Wrapped is that time when hundreds of millions of listeners around the world come together to reflect on the music that defined their year. In 2022, we’re making Wrapped the biggest one yet and introducing new ways for fans to connect with the artists they listened to most.

Your Wrapped Soundcheck is an artist’s guide to getting the most out of this moment. In the weeks leading up to Wrapped, you can record a video message for your top fans, get ready to sell merch and concert tickets, and make sure your artist profile looks its absolute best. Once you’re done, leave the rest to us and your fans.

Ready to get ready? Let’s go for a scroll.

Get personal with a video message

Get personal with a video message

Shout out your top listeners for making it happen this year. In under 30 seconds, record a video to let fans know what their support meant to you in 2022. You can thank your fans, tease what you’re working on next, or tell a story that defined your year.

Upload your video through Spotify for Artists as soon as possible – no later than November 23 – for an opportunity to be featured in your fans’ 2022 Wrapped experience on Spotify.

How to get it done:
– Record a vertical, under-30-second “thank you” video on a standard mobile device
– Make sure your video has no music, singing, or lyrics; no explicit content; no logos or brands; and no added text, graphics, or filters
– Upload via Spotify for Artists on the app or desktop web

Upload a video for your top listeners:

Put your merch center stage

Give your latest merch a headline slot in 2022 Wrapped. This year, we’ll promote your merch to your top fans as a part of their Wrapped experience on Spotify, via email, and more. We’ll grab up to five of your items, starting with the most recently published to Spotify from your Shopify store. Refresh your Spotify merch by November 7 to have your newest items included.

How to get it done:
– Link your Shopify store to Spotify for Artists
– Publish new or exclusive merch to the Spotify Sales Channel through Shopify
– We’ll take care of the rest!

Don’t have a Shopify store?
No biggie. Get started with the Shopify Starter plan for just $5 per month.

Don’t have merch?
Design and list new merch in minutes with Printful, and use the code SPOTIFY20 to get $20 off your first order. Combine it with the Shopify Starter plan to get selling right away.

Highlight your upcoming shows

Have any tour dates coming up? Let your fans know when and where they can celebrate an incredible year with you. In this year’s Wrapped, we’ll be showing personalized concert recommendations to your top listeners. Invite your fans to go from streaming to screaming in the front row.

How to get it done:
– List your concerts on one of our partner sites
– Check your artist profile to make sure the dates are appearing correctly in the On Tour section
– We’ll promote your concert dates to your top listeners during Wrapped

Rally fans to support you or a cause you care about

Wrapped is the perfect moment to unite fans around a fundraising goal. At a time famous for giving and showing love, use Fan Support to collect end-of-year tips or to drive donations for a charitable cause you champion.

How to get it done:
– Set up a Fan Support link on your profile using the Fan Support tool in Spotify for Artists
– Receive funds via one of our fundraising partners

Get your artist profile ready for the spotlight

Sharpen up for Wrapped

Upload a new artist profile image and update your bio to show fans your latest and greatest

Playlist your 2022 picks

Create a playlist and use Artist Pick to gift fans your musical favorites of 2022

Let your fans sing along

Get verified on Musixmatch and sync the lyrics to all of your tracks

Let’s get ready for Wrapped

We can’t wait to showcase your music, your offers, and your creativity to the fans who listened to you most in 2022.