Get discovered by a world of playlist listeners

Playlists are where millions of fans make billions of musical discoveries.

Pitch your music to a global audience

Spotify for Artists is the only way to submit new music for playlisting. Whatever your new sound, pitching can help it get heard by fans around the world. And it’s not just for superstars — more than 150,000 artists were playlisted for the first time across 2020 and 2021.

Get heard by fans new and old

Get heard by fans new and old

Playlists help your new music to stand out like nothing else. Landing on the various types of Spotify playlists can bubble up your new sounds to loyal audiences and first-time listeners.

Uncover new insights about your audience

Landing on a playlist is about more than cred. With more new listeners in your audience, Spotify for Artists gives you a deeper understanding of how and where your music is being discovered.

Open up to a world of musical possibilities

With thousands of playlists to land on, your sound can take you places that you never expected. Find creative inspiration for new collaborations, genre experimentation, or new sounds and lyrical themes.

Types of Playlists

Playlists for one, playlists for all

Whether a playlist is followed by millions or tailored to the tastes of a single listener, your music can be discovered in a number of ways.

Created by our editorial teams, powered by personalized data, or curated by you for your fans, each playlist is designed to leave a lasting impression on your listeners.

Editorial Playlists

Created and maintained entirely by our editorial team. Editorial playlists are curated based on music trends and data.

Algorithmic Playlists

Personalized for listeners to amplify every moment. These include Discover Weekly, Release Radar, Daily Mix, and Top Songs of 2022.

Artist Playlists

Curated by artists and showcased on their artist profiles. Typically contains a mix of the artist's music, plus collaborations and inspirations.

Fan Made Playlists

Made by music fans to actively catalog their favorite songs. Can be public or private based on the user's settings.

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Dive deeper into all the paths of discovery on Spotify with Made to Be Found

Learn how fans find your music through editorial, personalized, and active streaming.

How to pitch

All artists and their teams pitch new music for playlists using the exact same tool.


You can pitch one song from an EP or album release - so pick your favorite that best represents you and your story!


Sometimes our editors are looking for sounds reflective of a certain part of the world, so as you pitch you can tell us your hometown and where you’re currently based.


Tell us your story - what’s your song about, what does it mean to you, did you collaborate with anyone? Pick up to three genres and tell us about the sound - the more you tell us, the better chance we’ll have of finding your song a home.


Review all your details and then submit! Our editors listen to as much music as possible but we get thousands of pitches a week - so the earlier you pitch the better! Get to it!

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Certain playlists give you a personalized link to share that puts your song in first position for fans.

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Create personalized assets to promote your placement in select playlists with your fans on social.

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Social Media

Share the news with your fans on social and tag us @spotifyforartists, so we can celebrate with you.

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Let your song's journey beginLet your song's journey begin

Once you land on an editorial playlist, understand the journey your song can take through Spotify’s playlist ecosystem.


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