Measure your music’s impact

Dig into the audience, music, and playlist data that helps you reach your goals.

Metrics that matter to music

See what’s really moving the needle for your catalog. Instead of getting lost in vanity metrics, Spotify for Artists helps you understand how your marketing efforts help develop real fans for the long-term.

With our free, music-first analytics tools, you get unmatched insight into your audience’s development and engagement.

Music data

Measure streams and saves to track growth across your entire catalog.

Audience data

Get engagement and demographic insights for your listeners and followers.

Playlist data

See which playlists are contributing to your success on Spotify.


Understand your listeners’ journey to fandom

With our segmentation tools, you can gain insight into the relative value of your audience – from newly discovered to long-term listeners.

  • Active audience: Listeners who intentionally streamed your music from active sources like artist profile, or their own libraries in the past 28 days.
  • Previously active audience: Listeners who streamed your music from active sources in the past two years, but not in the past 28 days.
  • Programmed audience: Listeners who streamed your music in the past two years only from programmed sources.
  • Discover opportunities to amplify your growth

    Make more of an impact with each release. Our tools provide you with in-depth metrics on release engagement and conversion to help optimize your marketing efforts.

    Effective campaigns

    Amplify your music with Campaign Kit. Target listeners in each segment with Marquee and Showcase.

    Accurate touring

    Take your next tour to your fans. See the top cities where your listeners are streaming from.

    The Spotify for Artists app gives you the data you need, whenever you need it

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