Campaign tools made for music — finally

Campaign Kit is built to drive meaningful metrics for music, not memes. Powered by unmatched audience insights, your campaigns can be more efficient and relevant to listeners than ever.

  • Music listeners: Our tools reach the right Spotify Free and Premium listeners based on their streaming behavior.
  • Music moments: Get heard when it matters. With Campaign Kit, your music reaches audiences right when they’re ready to listen.
  • Music reporting: Understand how these tools are driving listeners to stream and engage with your music.
  • Music-first campaigns

    Amplify your reach on Spotify

    Spotify programming

    Discovery Mode and playlist pitching can amplify your reach in Spotify programming. Discovery Mode reaches listeners in personalized playlists—with no upfront cost. Playlist pitching helps our editors know where your tracks are best placed—it’s 100% free.

    Home on Spotify app

    Marquee and Showcase are sponsored recommendations that invite Spotify Free and Premium listeners to actively stream your music. Showcase features new and catalog releases on Home at any time. Marquee is a full-screen recommendation for only new releases.

    Take a tour of Campaign KitTake a tour of Campaign Kit

    Join music marketers at Venice Music and mtheory as they share best practices for turning listeners into fans with Campaign Kit.



    Hype your new release

    Campaign Kit can take your new music to new heights. Grow your audience with our mix of tools across the entire release cycle.

  • Discovery Mode primes fans for your upcoming release by reminding them of other songs in your catalog.
  • Playlist pitching lets you submit upcoming, unreleased music to Spotify’s editors for playlist consideration—for free.
  • Marquee helps maximize engagement with new music by guiding listeners to dive deeper during the release window.
  • Showcase keeps momentum going for your release by attracting new listeners after the initial hype settles.

    Give your catalog an encore

    Campaign Kit is built to fuel fandom for your catalog. Whether you’re reviving a classic or celebrating a milestone, our tools will pump up your jams.

  • Showcase gives fans a reason to stream your older songs with campaign headlines designed for action.
  • Discovery Mode amplifies the reach of songs in your catalog by reaching long-time fans and new ones.
  • Discovery Mode brings insights about the performance of catalog songs to inform your next big Showcase campaign.

    Capitalize on trending music

    Campaign Kit helps you turn viral buzz into longer-term audience growth and development.

  • Discovery Mode helps grow your audience by finding new listeners for your trending song.
  • Showcase invites fans to go beyond the buzz with campaign headlines designed to deepen their interest in you.

    Build a worldwide fanbase

    Campaign Kit gives you the tools to go global. With Spotify’s unique listener data, we help your music translate worldwide.

  • Showcase can turn up your music to listeners in 30+ markets. Use audience analytics from new and catalog music to inform where to target.
  • Discovery Mode drives global discovery. 58% of all first-time artist discoveries for tracks selected for Discovery Mode are overseas listeners.
  • Marquee invites audiences around the world to dive into your new release. And if you’re collaborating with a local artist, you can also reach their audiences.
  • Playlist pitching lets you share details about your song’s story, so your tracks can land on playlists where they’ll sound right at home—even across borders.
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