Artist Fundraising Pick Expands with Better Support for Latin America, Turkey, and New Zealand

August 4, 2020

The new feature now provides artists with three new options to promote their fundraising efforts on Spotify: Givealittle, Mercado Pago, and PayU.

(Note: On May 26, 2022, Artist Fundraising Pick became Fan Support. Learn more here.)

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to profoundly impact artists around the world, Spotify is proudly working to support the global music community. Over the last several months, we’ve partnered with MusiCares, created a $10M USD matching fund through the Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief project, and teamed up with various organizations that are helping musicians stay afloat during this difficult time. It’s been especially inspiring to see creators’ continued resolve in these trying times, not to mention fans’ continued support by streaming their tracks, sharing their albums, and donating if they have means.

To help buoy these efforts, we recently launched Artist Fundraising Pick, a feature that allows artists to choose a fundraising destination to raise money for themselves, their bands and crews, or a music relief organization. It works similarly to the Artist Pick on your profile page, and makes it easy for your fans to donate money directly to you or a cause of your choice that supports music professionals, healthcare workers, or small businesses impacted by COVID-19.

For launch, we teamed up with Cash App, GoFundMe,, and our COVID-19 Music Relief partners. Now, we’re excited to bring more fundraising platforms into the mix, allowing Spotify listeners to better support artists in countries throughout Latin America, as well as in Turkey and New Zealand.

In Latin America, we’ve partnered with Mercado Pago and PayU to offer more options for musicians in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay. Artists in Turkey can also use iyzico (a Pay U company), while those in New Zealand are able to link to crowdfunding organization Givealittle. All payments take place on third-party sites, and Spotify takes no cuts in the transactions. Take a look at our Artist Fundraising Pick Best Practices right here.

Artist Fundraising Pick International Pay Providers

Artist Fundraising Pick International Pay Providers

Since launching Artist Fundraising Pick in late April, we’ve seen an amazing response from both artists and fans. Artists have added over 91,000 Picks, which have garnered nearly 7 million clicks and counting from fans. In addition to featuring Picks on artist profiles, we’ve sent millions of emails with personalized recommendations of artists that fans may be interested in supporting (based on their listening history).

To submit your own Pick, log into your Spotify for Artists account, visit the Profile tab, and select “Get support directly from fans” under Artist Fundraising Pick. If you’ve already added a Fundraising Pick, you can click the pencil icon to edit or remove it. (This functionality isn’t yet available on our mobile apps.)

Artists are welcome to fundraise for themselves, their crew, or any charity partner that fits within our safety policy. If you’d like to use your artist page to direct fans to an organization providing direct relief to artists and music industry professionals around the world, you can select from this list of our verified partners.

We’re thrilled to be able to provide more options for musicians in Latin America, Turkey, and New Zealand for their Artist Fundraising Pick, and we’re working nonstop to improve this feature and expand its reach around the globe with help from your feedback. Spotify’s goal is to continue strengthening the connection between artists and their fans, and do everything we can to keep the global music community strong and resilient.

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