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Marquee is a full-screen, sponsored recommendation of your new single, EP, or album to Spotify Free and Premium listeners. Campaigns booked and managed in Spotify for Artists reach listeners who are most likely to stream your promoted release after seeing your Marquee—including both new and existing listeners.

When a listener clicks on a Marquee, they can save your music or go to your new release where they can actively stream and discover more of you.

Create a Marquee in Spotify for Artists

Get your campaign started from your Spotify for Artists dashboard on desktop. Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Mexico, U.K., and U.S. teams.

Reach the right listeners

Target Spotify Free and Premium listeners based on actual streaming behavior.

Get heard in a music context

Market to an audience right when they're ready to listen to music, rather than spending to reach them on social feeds or websites.

Attribute your spend

Track how listeners engage with your artist’s release after seeing a Marquee.


Reach listeners who matter most to your goals

Whatever your audience development goals, Marquee can help you hit your highs. Marquee campaigns booked and managed in Spotify for Artists reach likely listeners across Spotify, whether they are existing fans or potential new ones.

  • Audience engagement: Develop fans by targeting the ideal mix of your active audience—super listeners, moderate listeners, and light listeners.
  • Audience reactivation: Entice listeners back into your active fanbase by targeting your previously active audience.
  • Audience growth: Expand your fanbase by targeting your programmed or potential audience and reach people who haven’t fully discovered your music.
  • Spend more soundly with Marquee

    In a study with eight labels and distributors, Marquee campaigns delivered an average of 10x more Spotify listeners for every dollar spent on similar social ads.


    Data and Insights

    Make noise during release week & beyond

    Lift in saves & playlist adds

    Average lift in saved and user-playlisted tracks from the promoted release by people who see a Marquee

    Lift in listeners

    Average lift in listeners of an artist’s other releases by people who see a Marquee and stream

    Higher click-to-listen rate

    Average higher click-to-listen rate than similar social ads, study of 10 releases


    How Marquee reactivated Beach House listeners to build on a viral moment


    In 2021, Beach House’s ethereal "Space Song" went viral on social media. Suddenly, a new audience of listeners were beginning to discover the critically-acclaimed band—and they liked what they heard.


    When it came to releasing their album, "Once Twice Melody," the team behind Beach House at Sub Pop Records used Marquee to build on viral hype. In support of their waterfall release strategy, Marquee reactivated listeners of "Space Song" and invited them to experience the new release.


    Marquee helped Beach House to re-engage fans across the world. In Canada, nearly one in four Marquee listeners saved or added a track to a personal playlist. The campaign also created a halo effect for the band’s catalog. In the U.S., 20% of Marquee listeners streamed from older releases.

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    How thuy used Marquee with other Spotify tools to amplify her new EPHow thuy used Marquee with other Spotify tools to amplify her new EP

    See how independent artist thuy's team (manager Anh Vu and Venice Music's Isobel Kelly) paired Marquee with Discovery Mode to turn up the volume for a new release and grow her audience.

    Iona CastaIona Casta

    It’s the most effective strategy to actually increase streaming numbers because it’s in-app. It gives fans direct access to actually listen to the music, save it, and come back to it later. Even if I optimize other ads for conversions, it takes several steps for people to stream and save it.

    Iona CastaIona Casta


    It’s clear that Marquee not only drives streams at a higher conversion rate and lower cost [per listener] – it helps us foster meaningful, long term connections between fans and our artists. That’s our core mission.

    Whitaker ElledgeWhitaker Elledge


    Marquee is an important tool for artists at every stage of their career to grow their fan base, receive data that helps them understand their listeners, and broaden their scope - all of which are tools our clients have benefited from.

    Natalie SellersNatalie Sellers


    Marquee is about bringing listeners back into the fold. The long-tail effect of Marquee is really what's going to be the measure of success of this tool, not just the streams you get off of a one-week campaign.

    Hannah WaittHannah Waitt

    VP of Digital Marketing & Strategy, Virgin Music Group

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