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Showcase lets you promote your new and catalog releases anytime at the top of Spotify’s Home.

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Stand out where millions listen in

Showcase is a sponsored recommendation on Home that shares your single, EP, or album to Spotify Free and Premium listeners who are most likely to stream your promoted release after seeing your campaign—including both new and existing listeners.

Promote your entire catalog with a mobile banner that sits where millions of listeners look for their next stream. It’s the perfect mix of visibility and flexibility.

Create a Showcase in Spotify for Artists

Get your campaign started from your Spotify for Artists dashboard on desktop. U.S., U.K., Australia, France, and Canada teams.

Showcase the music that matters most

Promote new and catalog releases

Have the flexibility to choose music that moves the needle for you. On average, people who see a Showcase are 6x more likely to stream the promoted release.

Propel your releases to the top of Home

Spotlight music at the top of Home—the most visited place on the Spotify app where billions of streams start every day.

Pick your moment to promote

On average, 75% of a release’s first-year streams happen after its first month on Spotify. Showcase can be used at any moment, so it’s never too late to capture more listeners.


Reach listeners who matter most to your goals

Whatever your audience development goals, Showcase can help you hit your highs. Showcase reaches likely listeners across Spotify, whether they are existing fans or potential new ones.

  • Audience engagement: Develop fans by targeting the ideal mix of your active audience—super listeners, moderate listeners, and light listeners.
  • Audience reactivation: Entice listeners back into your active fanbase by targeting your previously active audience.
  • Audience growth: Expand your fanbase by targeting your programmed or potential audience and reach people who haven’t fully discovered your music.
  • Get started with Showcase in Spotify for ArtistsGet started with Showcase in Spotify for Artists

    Watch the video to learn more about how you can use Showcase to promote the releases you want, when you want, to the listeners you want to reach – right on Spotify’s Home.


    Make your catalog sing again

    Catalog tracks are more important than ever: almost one third of charting songs are catalog, and almost three quarters of active streams are catalog. With Showcase, you can easily give your hits an encore.

    Whether you’re celebrating the anniversary of a classic or capitalizing on viral buzz, Showcase makes it possible to develop your fanbase with the releases that started it all.


    Make your campaign a headliner

    Hook fans with campaign headlines that give you more relevance and resonance.

    With Showcase, you can create campaigns that are as unique as your music. Whether you want to build hype, capture the moment, or celebrate new music, you can customize your promotions with contextual headlines that give listeners a reason to engage.

    Build hype

    Get your fans pumped for an upcoming release or concert with headlines like "Releasing music soon" and "On tour" that are designed to energize.

    Celebrate new music

    Inspire listeners to discover and engage with your newest releases with the "New music" and "Recently released" headlines.

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    Hear what marketers have to say


    Showcase’s flexibility makes it easy to promote releases at any moment, which was instrumental in supporting various promotional strategies across our artists. Using Showcase was a great way for us to make a splash for a new release for Dolo Tonight, celebrate a release anniversary for Tom Waits, and drive engagement when Fleet Foxes announced a tour.

    Monica Kim

    Director of Paid Media


    Having the flexibility to promote music from an artist’s entire catalog at any moment enables us to develop fans in ways we haven’t been able to before. And pairing that with the visibility you get at the top of Home is powerful. Using Showcase makes sense when one thinks about the listener journey entering the Spotify ecosystem. We have had recent success trialing Showcase and are excited to continue working with Spotify as the product develops.

    Isobel Kelly

    VP, Global Head of Streaming


    Showcase is a great tool to help us put the right release—including, crucially, catalog—in front of the right people, at the right time—in a way that both serves those immediate fans seeing the sponsored recommendation, and all others that will see the release throughout the Spotify ecosystem because of this initial engagement.

    Tom Macdonald

    SVP Global Digital Operations

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