Steel Pulse Photo by Patrick Niddrie

How to Stay Angry with Steel Pulse

David “Dread” Hinds says there’s never been a better time for artists to deliver meaningful messages with their music.

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Photo courtesy of Jason Rosewell via Unsplash

Vocal Tips from Seasoned Doctors

Some pros explain what’s necessary to keep your voice in tip-top shape.

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Menno Versteeg Photo Courtesy of Royal Mountain

How Royal Mountain Records Is Supporting Mental Health

Label founder Menno Versteeg opens up about why he established a special artist fund dedicated to therapy and treatment.

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Shlomo Photo by Clare Gillen

How to Tell Your Story Without Lyrics

Shlohmo describes how he teases out narratives—no words needed.

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Everything You Need to Know about Co.Lab: Finding Your Audience

What’s happening at the first Co.Lab of 2019—Spotify for Artists' community event series.

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Do You Need Your Own Podcast?

The Anchor platform makes it easier than ever to engage fans on your terms and your schedule, no matter where you are.

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Release Guide: Preparing for Release Day

Our tools are here to help you attract the biggest possible audience to your new music.

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Photo by Oleg Magni Courtesy of Unsplash

The Do’s & Don’ts of Promoting Your Work

Some tips for creating meaningful connections with your fans.

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Eli Paperboy Reed Photo by Roberto Chamorro

Eli "Paperboy" Reed on Playlisting Your Inspiration

The soul singer’s fans are treated to a streaming snapshot of his massive record collection—and the sounds that move him.

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Industry Insider: Judy Miller Silverman

The seasoned PR pro talks about the music she loves, and the ways artists can get their name—and their music—out there.

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