Perry Farrell Photo by Meeno

Perry Farrell on Staying Inspired

As he debuts his ambitious new project, Kind Heaven, he reveals his philosophy about getting better with age.

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Waxahatchee Photo by Molly Matalon

How to Create an Effective Team That Is an Extension of You

Surrounding yourself with the right people to grow your career comes down to focusing on who you are and what you need.

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How “Fans Also Like” Works

We explain how this feature helps hungry fans find their way to your music.

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Photo Courtesy of Charlie Solorzano/Unsplash

Touring with Children

Sharon Van Etten and The National reveal what it’s really like to bring your kids on the road.

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Rico Nasty Photo by Mario Kristian

The Art of the Rapper/Producer Collaboration

Rico Nasty and Kenny Beats’ joint project ‘Anger Management’ is a case study for making musical magic happen.

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Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Finding Your Audience: The Music and The Message

How crafting a personal aesthetic attracts a loyal audience.

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Glossary of Music Terms: Live Performances

A guide to the vocabulary of venues, tours, and gigs.

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Mastodon and manager Nick John

How We Met Our Manager

Mastodon, The Flaming Lips, and nothing,nowhere. talk about an artist's most important relationship.

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Sync Licensing, Avoiding Burnout, and Business Basics: Here’s Three New Game Plan Episodes

What's the best way to get your music in the ears of music supervisors? What is an operating agreement? Why is knowing when to press pause so important? All these questions and more—answered.

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The Best Advice Kathleen Hanna Ever Got

The Bikini Kill and Le Tigre founder, feminist activist, and riot grrrl originator passes on some pertinent guidance.

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