Our Playlist Ecosystem Is Evolving: Here’s What It Means for Artists & Their Teams

Some playlists will now be personalized based on a listener's taste which means all music has a better chance of getting into the ears of the right listeners.

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Barking Irons Bob Dylan Collection

Merch Genius: How to Get Fans to Buy, and Buy Again

Your gear says a ton about who you are and why your fans can’t get enough of you.

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Wild Nothing Photo by Cara Robbins

Wild Nothing’s Advice For Finding Session Musicians

Jack Tatum loves working solo, which is why he chooses carefully when inviting other artists to collaborate.

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Arkells Photo by Matt Barnes

How Canadian Rockers the Arkells Are Rallying a U.S. Fanbase

They’re huge at home, but cracking the market in the States has required some extra patience and creativity.

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Cold Specks Photo by Norman Wong

Ladan Hussein on Making Music While Living with Schizophrenia

After receiving a life-changing diagnosis, the artist formerly known as Cold Specks is sounding a call for mental-health support in the music industry.

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You Might Have Heard about the Streaming Industry’s CRB Appeal—Here’s What You Need to Know

In the U.S., the royalty rates for publishing rights for digital music services are determined by a panel of judges, the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB). The rates also create a reference point for services that don't rely on these government-set rates, and they indirectly influence the ways that publishing license rates work around the world. The CRB recently came to a conclusion about how these rights and rates would work for the next few years. And we appealed the outcome.

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Christine McCharen-Tran speaking at Co.Labs

Discwoman Founder Christine McCharen-Tran on Sharing Resources

Having established her own collective, McChan-Tran discusses the power in artists working together as a community.

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Conner Youngblood

Conner Youngblood on His Success with Spotify’s Playlist Submission Tool

The singer-songwriter found that Mellow Morning opened the floodgates for his fanbase.

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Jessica Pratt, Mexican Summer Artist, Photo by Saamuel Richard

Label Spotlight: Mexican Summer

How the indie label that brought you Washed Out and Best Coast came to be.

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Glossary of Music Terms: Recording

Here’s some of the gear and lingo you’ll want to know before you head into the studio.

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