Murray Lightburn Photo by Richmond Lam

Murray Lightburn on Rock and Race

With his new solo album, the Dears’ frontman continues to untangle historically intertwined musical and racial stereotypes.

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Ian Fisher Photo by David Johnson

How Folk Singer-Songwriter Ian Fisher Found His Audience in Europe

He honed his sound growing up in small-town Missouri—and then discovered it resonated more overseas.

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Leon Bridges Photo by Danny Clinch

Press Photos: Your Visual Identity

Finding your look and connecting with a photographer who can capture it are key to leaving an impression.

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Boy Harsher Photo by Nedda Asfari

Boy Harsher on Going Your Own Way

Jae Matthews and Augustus Muller have found the advantages in living and working outside the mainstream.

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Photo by Aranxa Esteve via Unsplash

How We Curate Our Festival Line-Ups

The experts from Superfly talk about what gets a band noticed.

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Spotify Ad Studio

Using Spotify Ad Studio, Artist Teams Can Now Measure the Impact Their Ad Campaigns Have on Streaming

With streaming conversion metrics, music marketers can understand how their audio ads on Spotify impacted listeners.

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SYML Photo by Shervin Lainez

The Sudden Online Success of SYML

More than a decade into his career, the recording artist grabbed the ears of millions.

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Watch Our New Episode of "Best Advice" with Karen O

Today, we're excited to bring you a brand new episode of "Best Advice" with the singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, as she shares her thoughts on the power of one little word.

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Katie McBride Photo by Miki Correia

Playlists at Work: Katie McBride

One of her tracks found its way onto New Music Friday lists—and into the ears of loads of eager fans.

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Ally Brooke Photo by Nick Spanos

Ally Brooke on Going Solo

The Fifth Harmony alum couldn’t be more excited about finding her own voice and sharing some of the lessons she’s learned.

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