mehro’s Merch Alchemy: ‘Making Something Beautiful’

Bianca Gracie / November 14, 2022

In the latest episode of our “How They Made It” series, singer-songwriter mehro shares how he deepens his connection with fans of his introspective music via exclusive, personally designed merch on Spotify.

mehro's music is a reflection of himself, guiding fans through the deepest parts of his mind. The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter's vocals channel the brooding alternative pop-rockers of the '90s with lyrics that read like journal entries. Since the release of his 2021's debut EP Sky On Fire, his relatability has helped attract nearly three million monthly Spotify listeners.

As his fan base continues to grow, mehro nurtures his personal connection with those listeners. Since releasing his projects Dark Corners and Alchemy earlier this year, he is elevating that bond with merch. As a team, he and day-to-day manager Alex Forsyth have designed all of mehro's merch together. But rather than opting for the usual apparel or bundle packages, the pair wanted to bring a meaningful item with a unique message to life. That intention turned into the Dark Corners and Alchemy necklace.

"The necklaces that I have hold a very deep personal importance in my life, so I love that we made something that has the potential to give someone that same feeling," mehro explains in the new episode of our How They Made It series. "It's important to make merch because it's another way to connect with the listener. When [you] buy merch, you're buying a memory."

The 22-year-old's music is very philosophical, with Dark Corners and Alchemy "exploring the multitude of ways that the duality of being human can be expressed," he explains. That theme is represented in the blended symbol that defines the necklace, which was taken from both releases' artwork.

"Dark Corners is about embracing those low feelings. There are times when it's really important to feel loneliness, to wallow in that. This pain, this sadness. You try to skip over the feelings, they're gonna live inside of you and they will come out in other ways," mehro says. "You need to process it. So, Alchemy is about letting yourself out of that rut. Taking a terrible situation and making something beautiful out of it. Even if you move on from something, you still have the memory of it."

mehro is pensive, carefully choosing his words when speaking. This is showcased in both his music and his thoughtful process of creating his merch. "I'm a musician and songwriter. The act of writing and creating is a very healing process for me. Trusting people in the process is very important, and that's what we did with the manufacturers [of the necklace]. When they were doing the metalwork, they said it would be way better if it was an inch-long pendant. We wouldn't be able to see the symbol as well if the pendant was too small."

With all the work that mehro and his designer put into it, he wants to make sure that the high quality is balanced with an affordable price for his fans. "I'm not in [this industry] for a short financial success," he continues. "When the necklace is ready to be sold, it will be sold exclusively on Spotify. That's where fans can listen to the music. And if they're so inclined, have something to keep with them."

Because Spotify houses a growing merch ecosystem that showcases artist curated items right where people listen, our platform ensures that mehro's exclusive necklace will find its way into the hands of his most dedicated fans. The necklace will be featured on his artist profile, and it will be added to the album pages for Dark Corners and Alchemy.

With such an assured pipeline to his fans, mehro is working hard to make sure his merch is a tangible reflection of his artistry, equal parts intimate and engaging. "There have been musicians and artists who have affected culture immensely, not just with their music but with their logo, look, font or name," he says. "Merch has the capability to have a deep impact."

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