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Merch and music are better together

Like drums and bass, merch and music are a perfect pair. With our Shopify integration, you can connect your merch store with Spotify for Artists to sell merch where fans are already listening. Get started on Shopify for as little as $5/month.

Three simple steps to building a merch business

Chelsea Cutler Merch


With Spotify for Artists + Shopify, you can select merchandise from your Shopify store to publish to Spotify. Published merch is available for browsing and purchase alongside your music and can be recommended to top fans in their personal Merch Hub.

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Give priority merch top billing. Select up to two of your published items to pin to the top of the Merch Tab on your artist profile. You can also select your hottest item to feature as your Artist Pick on the Music Tab of your artist profile.

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Help fans find relevant merch while they’re falling in love with your music by tagging published items with their associated releases. Tagging makes merch appear on album and single release pages and on the ‘Now Playing’ view for every song on the release.

Merch of the moment

When mehro created a bespoke piece of jewelry for fans, he sold it exclusively on Spotify. His metalwork necklace–representing themes from two albums–went from mockup to merch table and into the hands of his top fans. Watch the video to find out more.

Merch represents the person wearing it. You're making a choice to say, this is the music I love so much that I'm willing to wear it on my sleeve. It's beautiful that where people are listening to the music, they also have access to the merch on Spotify.


Easily manage merch sales, inventory, and promotions with Spotify + Shopify.

Reward top fansReward top fans

Fans love to feel the love. Pop songstress Rina Sawayama offered her top Spotify listeners a limited-run exclusive vinyl and they cleared out inventory in less than a day. Exclusive merch moves the needle, and Spotify can reach the fans who want it most.

The Fans First campaign was an amazing way for us to target Rina’s most engaged listeners with a unique vinyl to reward her top fans. We drove 1K album sales in less than 2 hours—needless to say, Spotify helped us engage Rina’s audience beyond streaming!

Team Dirty HitTeam Dirty Hit

Frankie Cosmos

No inventory, no problem

We use Printful to create print-on-demand items, which helps us avoid over-producing, and costs us nothing (each item is made once it's been purchased, so we aren't paying for items in advance and then trying to sell them to make back an investment). We can feature various items on our Spotify profile using Spotify for Artists, which we have linked to our Shopify. It's easy to set up and requires no maintenance!

Frankie Cosmos

Spotify artists get a special discount on their first Printful order.