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Get listeners into your new music

Marquee is a full-screen, sponsored recommendation of your new release to Spotify Free and Premium listeners who have shown interest in your music and have the potential to listen more.

When a listener clicks on a Marquee, they are guided to your new release—and your release alone. This means they can focus solely on your music and discover more of you.

Create a Marquee in Spotify for Artists

Get your campaign started from your Spotify for Artists dashboard on desktop. U.S., U.K., Australia, and Canada teams.

Deepen your fanbase

Encourage listeners to explore more of your artist’s music on Spotify Free and Premium with Marquee.

Get heard where it matters

Market to an audience in a purely music context, rather than spending in noisier environments.

Attribute your spend

Track how listeners engage with your artist’s release after seeing a Marquee.

Reach the right audience for your release strategy

Promote new music to different parts of your audience based on their unique listening behavior on Spotify. With Marquee, you can target the listeners you want to develop into bigger fans.

Spend 10x more soundly
with Marquee

In a study of 10 releases, Marquee campaigns delivered an average of 10x more Spotify listeners for every dollar spent on similar social ads.


Data and Insights

Make noise during release week & beyond

Lift in Saves & Playlist Adds

Average lift in saved and user-playlisted tracks from the promoted release by people who see a Marquee

Lift in Listeners

Average lift in listeners of an artist’s other releases by people who see a Marquee and stream

Higher Click-to-Listen Rate

Average higher click-to-listen rate than similar social ads, study of 10 releases


Hear what marketers have to say

We're in the business of making new fans, and Marquee is a powerful tool to reach them. The numbers are staggering – we're seeing deep listening through an entire album or more. I look forward to running more campaigns.

Mike Fabio

VP of Digital Strategy, New West Records

Almost 20% of casual listeners who saw El Alfa’s Marquee added songs from the album to their library or a playlist. This served as a great indicator that users intended on continuing to engage with the album and the artist after the campaign.

Geoff Halliday

Head of Promotions, CD Baby

Marquee enables us to engage the right listeners for our artists’ releases. Having run several campaigns, the results have been consistent and effective.

Jacqueline Rossi

Digital Sales & Account Management, AWAL

Marquee is an important tool for artists at every stage of their career to grow their fan base, receive data that helps them understand their listeners, and broaden their scope - all of which are tools our clients have benefited from.

Natalie Sellers

Artist & Label Strategy Lead, STEM

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How DRAMA used Marquee to grow their fanbase


Since forming in 2014, Chicago-based duo, DRAMA, had released a series of EPs and were preparing to drop their first album, “Dance Without Me."


They wanted a tool that would help them develop their audience. DRAMA worked with their label and distributor to run a Marquee, giving them a way to reach people who had shown interest in their music and make them more engaged.

Image of DRAMA in Concert at The Independent in San Francisco, taken by Ian Young


Marquee helped DRAMA take their audience to deeper levels of fanhood — 25% of listeners who saw a Marquee saved or playlisted at least one track from the album, showing intent to listen again. And, each listener didn’t just stream a few tracks, they streamed an average of 17 tracks, much more than the entire album.

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