My album “Country” is out April 5
Medium Build
"Been Like This" ft. T-Pain OUT NOW!
Been Like This
Meghan Trainor, T-Pain
My first song since Lil Boo Thang. I’m hype about it!
Say Cheese
Paul Russell
The genesis of the new album
Sam Smith
About “Antidote’
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Storytelling that drives streams

Clips are under-30-second vertical videos that allow you to express your artistry and invite fans into your creative process – all while keeping your music front-and-center. Clips is currently in beta for thousands of artists.

With Clips, you can:

  • Get your fans excited for an upcoming release by teasing a song snippet before it drops.
  • Tag each Clip with one of your releases to drive more streams and saves.
  • Share the story and inspiration behind your music, and invite fans to go deeper.
  • Both Of Us
    Jayda G
    Feel Good
    Polo & Pan
    when the party's over
    Billie Eilish
    The Difference
    Flume, Toro y Moi
    Watermelon Sugar
    Harry Styles
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    Album artwork for the streaming age

    Canvas – a short looping visual you can add to each of your tracks on Spotify – engages your fans more deeply right from the Now Playing view.

    With Canvas, you can:

  • Help fans easily discover your tracks on Home or within their favorite Spotify playlists.
  • Give fans a visual accompaniment to your music, boosting playlist adds and saves.
  • Keep it fresh by changing things up whenever inspiration strikes.

    Get fans hyped for your next release

    Countdown Pages tease your upcoming releases – right where streaming happens. Maximize your week-one streams by building excitement with your fans, and reaching new listeners. Countdown Pages is currently in beta for hundreds of artists.

    With Countdown Pages, your fans can:

  • Preview the track list and pre-save your upcoming release.
  • Watch Clips that tease new music, debut unreleased lyrics, and share the stories behind your tracks.
  • Be first to pre-order your newest merch drop.

    Show fans the real you

    Your artist profile is key to how you show up on Spotify. It’s the place new listeners go to learn more about you as an artist, and where fans go to dive deeper into the world around your music.

    With your artist profile, you can:

  • Change your bio and artist photos whenever inspiration strikes.
  • Highlight your latest release, an artist playlist, and more using Artist Pick.
  • Feature your latest merch, upcoming tour dates, Fan Support link, and more.
  • Dive deeper