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With nearly two decades in the game, The Killers’ Brandon Flowers and Ronnie Vannucci Jr. each share a few wise words that ultimately work hand-in-hand.

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The team you surround yourself with is instrumental to your success. Avoid the pitfalls of team building with tips from around the industry, including wisdom from Stephanie LaFera, Troy Carter, Rick Ross, and Mike Posner.

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In an industry bustling with talented artists, what separates a successful act from the rest? Amit Nerurkar, founder of Face-less with 18 years of industry experience across various genres, would make the case that the answer is authenticity.

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Mac Burrus, Photo by Cari Carmean

The former musician and current booker/producer explains how always saying "yes" has kept his career on the ascent.

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In this new monthly series we spotlight the creatives coming together through SoundBetter to make music remotely from all over the globe.

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Photo by James Stamler on Unsplash

Seasoned livestream veterans and newcomers share gear ideas for putting on an awesome virtual show.

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