Tools built for your musicTools built for your music

Grow your career while keeping your music at the center. With Spotify for Artists, you can amplify your reach, serve up videos, build pre-release hype, and sell merch and tickets – right where streaming happens.


Amplify your music

Turn up your music with Campaign Kit — a set of tools designed to drive meaningful metrics for artists and music marketers. Expand your reach and build lifelong fans.

  • Marquee puts your new release front-and-center with a full-screen recommendation that invites listeners to dive into your music.
  • Showcase lets you promote your new and catalog releases with your selected headline anytime at the top of Spotify’s Home.
  • Discovery Mode can help your songs reach more listeners in personalized playlists — with no upfront cost.
  • Playlist pitching gives you the chance to share key context about your upcoming tracks with Spotify editors. It’s 100% free and available to all artists.
  • Connect with fans

    Invite listeners into your creative world. Customize your artist profile, create videos and visuals, and bring the story behind your music to life.

  • Clips are short, vertical videos that allow you to express your artistry and share your creative process with fans — all while keeping your music front-and-center
  • Add a Canvas – a short, looping visual – to each of your tracks on Spotify. It’s album artwork for the streaming age.
  • Countdown Pages let your fans pre-save your upcoming albums, watch Clips, explore your merch, and more.
  • Your artist profile is key to how you show up on Spotify. Change your bio and photos, share updates with fans using Artist Pick, feature merch and tour dates, and more.
  • Grow your business

    There are many ways to earn revenue as an artist on Spotify. While Loud & Clear is your source for data, resources, and transparency around streaming royalties, here are some other opportunities to explore.

  • List your concert and festival dates to make sure your fans never miss another show. We’ll share your shows across the Live Events feed, the Now Playing view, and more.
  • Sell and promote merch so fans can discover, browse, and buy right when they’re streaming – because music and merch are better together.
  • Fan Support lets you collect tips from fans or rally listeners around the charitable causes you care about most, right at the top of your artist profile.
  • Understand your audience

    Dig into audience, playlist, and music data to help you reach your goals.

  • With Segments, you can better understand your audience, how often they’re listening, and how they’re streaming your music.
  • Make the right music marketing moves with in-depth metrics about release engagement and listener conversion.
  • Fan Study helps you develop your fanbase with insights and suggested actions powered by our research into fan behavior around the world.
  • Musician Jeremy Zucker
    Picture of Rian Kirchhoff
    Picture of Candice Watkins, VP of Marketing at Big Loud
    Picture of artist Gang Starr
    Jeremy ZuckerJeremy Zucker

    Whether you’re a bigger artist or just developing, Spotify for Artists helps you find your fans and market better to them.

    Jeremy ZuckerJeremy Zucker


    Spotify for Artists has made a huge difference in the way we do business. Being able to see that progress and reach in real time is invaluable.

    Rian KirchhoffRian Kirchhoff

    Founder/Manager at girlrianmanagement

    Spotify for Artists data has added exponential value to our engagement strategies and has guided us to know what we should double down on.

    Candice WatkinsCandice Watkins

    VP of Marketing at Big Loud

    It's a great feeling to know as an artist that my music can be even more broadly listened to all around the world because of Spotify.

    Gang StarrGang Starr


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