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Introducing a new era of Spotify for Artists

We want to help grow your career by centering what matters most: your music. With new features coming to Spotify for Artists, you’ll be able to serve up videos, pre-release hype, merch, and tickets — right where fans are already listening to your music.


Short video for the long term

Video and music go hand-in-hand, but on social media, music often gets cut short and pushed to the background. That’s why we built Clips: to give artists a platform that inspires fandom and long-term success – not quick hits tied to the latest meme. Clips are short, under-30-second vertical videos that allow you to express your artistry and invite fans into your creative process – all while keeping your music front-and-center.

Clips is currently available in beta.


Get fans hyped for your next release

There’s always been a disconnect between where music is teased and where it’s streamed – until now. With Countdown Pages, your fans can pre-save your upcoming release, preview the track list, pre-order new merch, watch video Clips you share with them, and watch the timer count down to the release moment – all in one place.

Taylor Swift, Karol G, Florence and the Machine, Quevedo, Paramore, and others have already tested Countdown Pages and the results have been stunning: On average, more than 80% of pre-savers have streamed the new release within the first week.

Amplify your music

The most powerful tools to grow your fanbase

Turn listeners into fans with Marquee

Marquee is 10x more cost effective on average than ads on the most popular social media platforms. We’re excited to continue expanding access: We just rolled out the self-serve buying experience in Spotify for Artists to artist teams in Australia and U.K.

Create a Marquee

Showcase the music that matters most to you

We’re testing a new campaign tool, Showcase, to let you promote both new and catalog music on home to Spotify Premium and Free listeners.

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Reach your next fans with Discovery Mode

Thousands of independent artists that distribute songs through participating licensors (DistroKid, CD Baby, Stem, Venice Music, Vydia) now have access to Discovery Mode directly in Spotify for Artists. Labels can continue to access it through our team.

Explore Discovery Mode
Make money on Spotify

Revenue from royalties, merch, and ticketing


Merch 🤝 music

Fans spend countless hours with your music on Spotify, and merch sells best alongside your music. That’s why we’re adding it to new surfaces like the Now Playing view, so fans can buy your merch when they’re falling in love with your song.

FM Ticketing

Promote your shows

To make sure fans never miss your upcoming gigs, we’re putting personalized concert listings in more places on the app. Fans will be able to find and bookmark your shows on home, your Artist Pick and On Tour sections, the Now Playing view, and more.

New Loud & Clear update

All-time Spotify payouts to the music industry are approaching $40 billion dollars, and we pay the majority of every dollar we generate for music (nearly 70%) back to the industry. We think you should know where all that money comes from – and where it’s going – which is why we’re the only streaming service that makes this level of royalty data available. We detail the number of artists generating different amounts of royalties per year – whether that’s $10,000 (57,000 artists) or $5 million (130 artists).

How Fana Hues Made ItHow Fana Hues Made It

Fana Hues shares her journey as an independent R&B artist. “The money that I've made from streams has allowed me to make the art that I want to make, and that sits in my heart, without having to compromise the vision.” Watch her story unfold.


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